The Onboarding Process

At Redrock Fulfillment, we implement fulfillment programs in four phases:

Phase 1 ≫ Discovery

During this phase, our sales and technical staffs will review with you all of your requirements. We'll discuss pain points and your future plans. We have a commercial printer with 30+ years of experience on staff for all your packaging needs. We also have strong partnerships with small parcel (UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL) and LTL freight carriers. Together we'll develop a high-quality fulfillment program, that's scalable, at a cost that's right for you.

Phase 2 ≫ Receiving

During the receiving phase you, or your product manufacturer, will send us an advance shipment notice for all product to be received. Products can be sent to our fulfillment center via truck line or small parcel freight. Once all items have been received, we will begin a full inventory count of all products and assign SKUs as needed. Once the inventory count is completed, the results will be entered into our warehouse management system for tracking, and the products will be put away. From there, shopping cart integration or batch file testing can begin.

Phase 3 ≫ Integration

We integrate with many major shopping carts, and offer a REST API for clients using an open-source or custom cart.

Shopping Cart Connector Cost Connector Vendor
UltraCart Preferred We prefer UltraCart for online stores. $0.00 (built-in) UltraCart
Shopify Preferred We prefer Shopify for online stores. Starts at $12/mo + 25¢ per order OrderDesk
BigCommerce Preferred We prefer BigCommerce for online stores. Starts at $12/mo + 25¢ per order OrderDesk
Volusion Starts at $12/mo + 25¢ per order OrderDesk
Magento Starts at $12/mo + 25¢ per order OrderDesk
Amazon Seller Central Starts at $12/mo + 25¢ per order OrderDesk
BackerKit Starts at $12/mo + 25¢ per order OrderDesk
Celery Starts at $12/mo + 25¢ per order OrderDesk
Open-source or Custom cart $0.00 (you build) None
Batch files (CSV, XML) $0.00 (your files) None

Phase 4 ≫ Launch

During the launch phase, we begin receiving your orders via API, FTP, or EDI into our warehouse management system. We follow the procedures established during the discovery phase while picking, packing, and shipping your orders. All order and inventory information is updated in your customer portal and shopping cart (if supported) in real-time. The fulfillment center can be alerted of all returns via the customer portal (available to all system-integrated clients).

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